Clinical trials

People suffering from chronic diseases often find that the recommended treatment is ineffective and that standard health care cannot provide a remedy.

Neuro-Care specialists have extensive experience of treating patients in clinical trials, which are often a good chance for such people. Clinical trials (drug programmes) involve administering new and innovative drugs to sick patients and constantly monitoring their condition together with accurate diagnosis. This type of therapy is highly valued by people whose treatment is unsatisfactory or who are resistant to standard treatment.

What are the benefits of being a participant in a clinical trial at Neuro-Care?

    • Free of charge, innovative medical therapy
    • Continual, free of charge supervision by Neuro-Care specialists
    • Regular, free of charge medical check-ups (diagnostic, imaging, etc.)
    • Regular, free of charge diagnostic examinations (monthly or every three months)
    • Possible discounts on trips to the medical centre
    • Individual approach to every patient
    • Supportive, competent administrative service

In order to qualify for the clinical trial, the patient undergoes (free of charge) all necessary laboratory tests (EKG, spirometry, MRI) to ensure that the programme of treatment will be safe.

The treatment is free of charge, insured and subject to international and national regulations. During the treatment patients are under constant medical supervision at our centre. The therapy lasts from three to five years after which many patients decide to continue with the treatment under a different programme.

Patients (both adult and children) suffering from multiple sclerosis, epilepsy or Alzheimer’s disease who are interested in the clinical trials are invited to contact Neuro-Care.

Tel. no. +48 500 278 847, +48 32 353 93 59 Hours: 08.00 – 16.00

We will check the possibilities of treatment.